General Terms

1. Regulations for the provision of services, invoices for which are overdue

An invoice that has not been paid by the time it expires is considered overdue. We guarantee the operability of services and the safety of customer data on equipment, invoices for which are overdue no more than five calendar days.

2. Regulations for billing for services provided

Services provided to the client are invoiced once a month, quarterly, six months or a year 15 days before the expiration of the service. When issuing an invoice, the client is sent a notification by e-mail specified in the client's contact details. The customer is responsible for the correctness of the specified e-mail address. Within the next 7 calendar days, if the invoice has not been paid, another notification by e-mail is sent to the client. If by the time the invoice expires, it has not been paid, the first notification of the overdue invoice is sent in a day, and the last notification of the overdue payment on the invoice in the next 5 days.

3. Confidentiality of information

On our site, we collect and store users' personal information with a strict confidentiality regime designed to preserve the personal information of our users. However, users should understand that by sending us their personal data, they act at their own risk, since there is a fraction of the possibility that this data will reach third parties beyond our control.

4. Regulations for the return of funds to clients

From the moment of payment for the services, we consider the start of the monthly server rental cycle, during which a refund to tenants is impossible if there are no special reasons for this. The proven lack of access to the server for three or more days, the loss of client data through our fault can be considered as special reasons. It is important that in case of loss of certain customer data through our fault, we return only the monthly cost of the server rental, but not the estimated cost of the lost data.

5. Regulations for responding to complaints ("abuses")

When we receive complaints about the materials stored on the user's server or about the activities being carried out on it, we notify the server tenant about the need to remove illegal materials or stop illegal activities on the server. If there is no response to the complaint from the server tenant within 8 hours, we will take measures to independently remove illegal materials from the server, with preliminary archiving. In the event that administrators fail to remove or stop illegal activity on the client's server on their own, we will stop the server until the server tenant notifies us of his consent to stop illegal activity on the server.

6. Regulations of the support service

User support is fully provided through e-mail and ticket systems built into the user's billing panel. Any other available means of communication with the support team or any other employees of our company are not regulated and cannot be considered official statements of our company. Free technical support for users implies the work of a technical administrator no more than 8 hours a month with each of the servers at the request of the user who is the current tenant of the server. At the same time, work related to problems in the server operating system is compulsorily carried out; the user may be denied a free solution to problems with other software at the discretion of the administrator. Support requests are reviewed within 2 hours, and resolving issues may take up to 24 hours.

7. Procedure for payment for the services provided

Payment for services is made in rubles, US dollars or euros according to the invoice issued after placing the order. The price is valid for three working days. For individuals, it is possible to pay for services through the electronic payment systems WebMoney Transfer, PayPal and through the SpryPay collection system. Payment from legal entities is not accepted at the moment.

8. Risk Disclosure

The offered goods and services are not provided by order of a person or an enterprise operating the WebMoney Transfer system. We are an independent service provider and make our own decisions on prices and offers. Companies operating the WebMoney Transfer system do not receive commissions or other remuneration for participating in the provision of services and do not bear any responsibility for our activities. The certification made by WebMoney Transfer only confirms our contact details and proves our identity. It is carried out at our request and does not mean that we are in any way connected with the sales of operators of the WebMoney system.

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